National Menopause Summit Survey 2024

1. Does your employer offer menopause supports as part of the organisation’s HR policy?

2. Do you feel comfortable discussing your peri/menopause symptoms with your line manager/employer?

3. Do you believe your peri/menopause symptoms have affected your performance at work?

4. Would you tell your employer the real reason for your absence if you needed to take time off due to peri/menopause symptoms?

5. Have you ever considered leaving your job due to peri/menopause symptoms?

6. Do you believe peri/menopause supports in the workplace in Ireland should be mandated by law?

7. Have you ever experienced the subject of peri/menopause being made fun of by colleagues in your workplace?

1. From a knowledge perspective how prepared were you/are you for peri/menopause?

2. How severe are your peri/menopause symptoms?

3. Do you believe your peri/menopause journey has negatively impacted your overall quality of life?

4. Do you believe there is still a stigma attached to menopause in Ireland?

5. Do you believe the Irish government is doing enough to spread menopause awareness?

6. Do you believe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should be offered free of charge in Ireland?

7. Where are you/did you access information on peri/menopause?

8. If deemed suitable for an individual, do you believe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is safe?

9. If you are on HRT are you happy to discuss it openly with family & friends?

10. Do you believe over the counter menopause supplements/drinks are an effective treatment for peri/menopause?

11. Do you believe menopause should be part of the school curriculum in Ireland?

1. Do you believe your peri/menopause journey has negatively affected your relationship with your partner/spouse?

2. Do you believe your sex life has been negatively affected by your peri/menopause journey?

3. Have you/did you consider ending your relationship with your partner/spouse during your peri/menopause journey?

4. Do you believe your peri/menopause journey has impacted on any family caring responsibilities you may have ie kids/grandchildren/older parents?

1. Are you aware what lifestyle changes are recommended for menopause?

2. Have you felt less concerned about other people’s opinions since reaching peri/menopause?

3. Peri/menopause has had an adverse effect on my mental health. Do you?

4. Peri/menopause has forced me to reflect on my life and/or my choices. Do you?

5. Peri/menopause can be an ideal time for change & growth.  Do you?

6. Ultimately peri/menopause can be a positive time in one’s life.  Do you?