Alana Kirk

Certified coach, best selling author and motivational speaker

Alana Kirk is a certified coach, best-selling author and motivational speaker. As The Midlife Coach, she empowers women to thrive in, not just survive midlife, which today is a decades long stage from our 30’s to our 60’s.  She is the best selling author of The Sandwich Years, and her latest book Midlife, redefined: Better, Bolder, Brighter is a self-guide so the reader ends up with her own bespoke midlife (wo)manual. An experienced speaker, Alana gives corporate talks and workshops, as well as running her own events. She writes a successful Substack newsletter called Your Midlife Matters.

After a 20 year communications career in the nonprofit sector, like many women Alana was juggling career and family life. When her mum had a catastrophic stroke four days after her third baby was born, she was catapulted into the sandwich years so many women experience – caring for children and parents.  At the age of 45, within nine months she lost her mum and her marriage.   Rebuilding her life, she went back to college to retrain and now supports women to find clarity, confidence and direction in the mayhem of midlife, in the areas of:

– relationships: including marriage, divorce, and post-divorce relationships
– career: getting back, moving on, changing it up
– a new life stage: juggling family and career, post-family adventure, post-marriage adventure

Alana is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, and a guest on TV and radio. She can be found at, on Instagram @midlifecoach and at