Davina Ramkissoon

Workplace Wellbeing Psychologist

Davina Ramkissoon is a Workplace Wellbeing Psychologist, experienced in designing health and wellbeing strategies for global organisations. With over a decade’s worth of experience, her expertise and skills range from consultancy to research to programme measurement, in addition to working one to one with individuals to provide CBT support for health behaviour change goals.

Davina has previously consulted on workplace strategy and mental health interventions for companies including Meta, Twitter, Google, Apple and Johnson & Johnson having also held senior leadership wellbeing positions in health and wellbeing start-ups and more recently in a manufacturing organisation.

Davina has designed workplace menopause policy for the workplace and has worked with senior leaders on the implementation of these policies. Davina has been a voice championing Workplace Wellbeing and has been interviewed for Business Insider as well as national publications including The Irish Examiner and the Sunday Business Post.