Karey Coughlin Lewis

Elite Health & Human Performance Director, Certified Clinician and Founder Kare Clinic, Head of Business Relations ITL Health

Karey Coughlin Lewis, a distinguished figure in health and human performance, boasts a rich background as a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and Athletic Trainer specializing in chronic pain, sports injuries, and Functional Movement and Wellness. With a Bachelor of Science degree earned in 1995, Karey also holds certifications in Advanced Biomedical Acupuncture, accumulating over 25 years of expertise in sports injury management and elite athletic performance. Karey has traveled the world as part of the medical teams for the Olympic, Pan-American, Goodwill, Commonwealth, and other International Games.

Having represented both Ireland and Canada as a former national athlete in ice hockey and softball, Karey’s journey took a significant turn when she relocated to Ireland in February 2004. Immersed in a new environment devoid of familiar sporting facilities and opportunities for female athletic trainers, Karey embraced the challenge. Her pivotal role at Lansdowne RFC, a rugby union club, marked the beginning of her mission to enhance safety and education in sports.

Recognized for her contributions, Karey played a vital role in introducing the Applied Health Sciences program with a focus on Athletic Therapy and Training at Dublin City University (DCU), under the guidance of Dr. Noel McCaffrey. As a faculty member at DCU, she was instrumental in developing practical and clinical assessments for the inaugural graduating class.

Karey’s influence extended globally when she supported the first WATA conference outside the US in 2009. Her dedication to advancing human performance and athletic development led her to collaborate with various sports organisations in Ireland, including GAA, Leinster IRFU, and Irish Athletics, advocating for safety protocols and rehabilitation methods.

Operating her private clinic, Balance Therapy, since 2004, Karey recognized the importance of holistic care encompassing prevention, nutrition, and recovery. Athletes from around the world sought her expertise for injury rehabilitation and strength programs, reducing the risk of recurring injuries.

Despite setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Karey shifted her focus towards menopause health support, obtaining certification in menopause health support. She has since conducted professional workshops in England, Canada, and Ireland, championing women’s health during their “Second Spring.”

Recognized for her dedication, Karey was approached by ITL Health, a science-based company focusing on elemental magnesium products aimed at supporting women’s health globally. She now leads business relations for ITL Health in Ireland.

As a strong advocate for women and families, Karey continues to drive real change through public engagement and product advancement initiatives.