Marie Percival

Author, academic and practitioner specialising in psychology and psychotherapy

Marie Percival is an author, academic, researcher, and practitioner specialising in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. With a wealth of expertise in both academia and clinical practice. Marie has dedicated over twenty years to helping individuals managing psychological and emotional challenges, as well as providing support to those coping with chronic illnesses and persistent pain conditions.

As an experienced therapist, Marie specialises in positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), with a focus on addressing complex mental and physical health issues, including post traumatic stress , trauma, pain management and migraine headache disorder. Her compassionate approach and evidence based interventions have helped numerous individuals navigate through their struggles and achieve meaningful change in their lives.

In addition to her practitioner experience, Marie has an impressive academic background. For over sixteen years, she has been actively involved in higher education institutions in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Holding notable positions such as senior lecturer and programme lead in
psychology and counselling. Marie has been instrumental in shaping academic programmes and contributing to the development of the field. She played a pivotal role in establishing post graduate programmes in UK universities including a MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Marie’s role in academia extends beyond teaching and programme development, She has serviced as an external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in psychological therapies in the United Kingdom, and currently holds the position of External Examiner on the Counselling programme at the University of Brighton. Her commitment to academic excellence is evident in her scholarly achievements, including receiving a scholarship from the Irish Research Council to pursue her PhD in health psychology.

Beyond her clinical and academic endeavours, Marie is actively engaged in providing consultation and advisory services on mental health and well-being to corporate and charity organisations. She also shares her expertise through speaking engagements, with particular focus on menopause and its psychological aspects. Marie’s passion for sharing the latest research on the psychology of menopause underscores her commitment to promoting understanding and support for women’s health and well-being at mid life and beyond.

Marie is the author of the Psychology of Counselling published by Routledge – April 2023 Marie’s second book ‘The Psychology of Menopause’ will be released in June 2024. Available to pre order in April