Sarah Alcock

Founder and creator of Prime Fit by Sarah

It was Sarah’s own journey through perimenopause that inspired her to become a qualified specialist in the field of movement, strength, nutrition, and health for the midlife woman. Sarah as a personal trainer, and a woman experiencing perimenopause, knew professionally and personally that women in our demographic were underserved and underrepresented and there was so much more that could be done to better her health and the health of all women on this same journey.

Through comprehensive training and education, Sarah is one of a very few personal trainers in Ireland certified in coaching women through the Peri to Post Menopause transition from an evidence-based standpoint. By keeping her finger on the pulse of all the latest evidence based research Prime Fit by Sarah has empowered hundreds of women of all ages to further enhance their health through prescribed movement, strength training, nutrition, pelvic health, mobility, injury prevention and much more – all of which is specifically designed around the midlife changes in our bodies and the impact of hormones on our physical health and mental wellbeing at this stage of our life. A wonderful side effect of this work for many is better mental health, confidence, clarity, and a restored belief that there is not only life but vitality in the 3rd age of our lives.

Sarah’s knowledge and expertise in this specialist field has resulted in numerous appearances on radio, contribution to editorial features and speaking at female centric health events alongside other experts in and advocates for women’s health. Sarah is a champion for women in their midlife, their health, their wellbeing, and their empowerment to navigate their own journey in the healthiest way possible.