Shawna Scott Founder

Shawna is the owner of, Ireland’s most beloved, multi-award winning sex positive boutique. Since 2012, she has used Sex Siopa as a platform to create an inclusive, welcoming space for people to explore and discover new sides of their sexual selves. Having an approachable online store allowed Shawna to reach people in communities across Ireland who don’t have access to an adult store in their locality or would be too fearful to enter one.

In 2018, Shawna launched her second project,, to help provide sexual health products to hospitals and private individuals who experience pain during sex whether through a gynaecological condition, cancer treatment, or chronic illness.

Not content with just running her online shops, Shawna has also been a widely trusted media contributor and speaker, with sold out shows at various festivals at home and abroad. She has also hosted a sex history podcast on Headstuff, debated at Trinity College, and raised thousands of euros for various LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights charities over the years. In her free time, Shawna loves crocheting, playing chess and watching horror movies with her rescue greyhound, Gozer.