Victoria Jones MPSI

The Menopause Pharmacist

Victoria Jones MPSI, also known as The Menopause Pharmacist, earned her primary degree from UCD and furthered her education at RCSI School of Pharmacy.

Driven by a passion for women’s health, she established Bonnybrook pharmacy as an independent community pharmacy specialising in women’s health and HRT.

Motivated by her personal hormone journey and the transformative impact of HRT on her wellbeing, Victoria has become a leading figure in women’s health in Ireland.

Renowned for her pragmatic approach and patient counselling, she strives to optimise patient outcomes, earning recognition as the prominent menopause pharmacist in Ireland.

Recognising a knowledge gap in healthcare regarding HRT, Victoria actively shares her expertise with her patients and healthcare professionals alike.

She was featured as a guest on Dr Louise Newsons podcast, Newson health #159 focusing on raising awareness of HRT in the Irish community.

Previously she was the CEO of an Irish pharmaceutical wholesaler and has held the role of superintendent pharmacist of an Irish pharmacy chain.

Her entrepreneurship and passion in healthcare is recognised sector wide.

She has returned as a guest to the school of pharmacy in RCSI to help share her expertise in this area and her infectious passion in the area has hopefully inspired a few young minds to look more closely at the whole area of hormonal health in women in Ireland.

Victoria believes that every woman should be educated on their hormone health journey at a young age. She educates teams in workplaces and schools and helps promote a more hormone aware work environment, paving the way for women in all positions to fulfil their roles in the workplace.